Corporate Headquarters Team

Bob Lenz - President

After ten consecutive Iron Man competitions, winning a gold medal in the 1996 inaugural X-Games for extreme upside down whitewater kayaking, and a long stint as the only American born Sherpa working on Mt. Everest, Bob returned home to Michigan to cross another item off his bucket list – starting his own company. Peak Management has been a dream come true. Meet his fabulous staff below.

Gladys Venegas - Finance Manager

Gladys showed a gift for languages by kindergarten, speaking Spanish, English, and Pig-Latin. By the time she was ten, she was fluent in French, German, Portuguese, and Russian. Gladys's linguistic talents extend to the language of mathematics, and Peak Management supports her latest challenge – mastering Fortran!

Tiffany Vaxelaire - Regional Manager West

Tiffany opened up her first lemonade stand at the tender age of four. After perfecting her recipe for sweet tea in college, she started the Southern Belle Sweet Tea Company, which earned distinction as the official White House beverage during the Bush years. Tiffany joins the team here at Peak Management fresh from the sale of her secret recipe to Snapple!

Diane Olsen - Regional Manager North

Diane Deussen-Olsen comes to Peak Management after a lengthy and decorated career with Scotland Yard. Having relocated to this side of the pond, she now spends her free time writing tales of mystery and murder loosely based on her life story. Her numerous best sellers, under the pseudonym "Scott D. Haggis", have given Diane a unique perspective on tenant psychology. We welcome Diane and her adventuresome spirit to Peak Management.

Jason Bartley - Information Technology

In his late teens, Jason escaped an international hacking scandal by seeking refuge at a remote ashram in India. Years later, he returned to the modern world in a state of tranquil enlightenment. At Peak Management, he fulfills his divine mission to promote peace and harmony between man and machine. Namaste.

Carrie Rinehart - Human Resources

Carrie’s passion for coffee and cooking led to her winning entry in the Girl Scout Cookie Creator Contest. Her Coconut Cacao Craze was an instant hit, out-selling Thin Mints for the first time in history, but parents protested about the java-jittery effect on their young children. Carrie later recruited a caffeinated crew to introduce her coffee-infused confections to college campuses and corporations worldwide. Peak Management is thrilled to bring this bold barista on board to fuel our business.

Christine Gilbert - Accounting

As a toddler, Christine was caught using her tiny safety scissors to transform her family’s houseplants. Later, she was outed as the Edward Scissorhands of Detroit, transforming overgrown bushes on vacant properties into an urban jungle of art. These days, she channels her magic into trimming the Peak Management budget, but have no fear, she recruited a succession of Japanese bonsai exchange students to continue her whimsical beautification of the Motor City.

Julie Tirony - Accounting

Julie has returned to Michigan from her long sabbatical to the frozen tundra of the great white north. Using the skills acquired from her time as the Curling champion of the Northwest Territories, she will sweep away financial obstacles and smooth the path forward for Peak Management.

Rufino Beltran - Regional Maintenance Supervisor

Young Rufino was always fascinated with machines. Recruited by the CIA and FBI, Rufino applied his technical wizardry to revolutionary, highly-classified designs. After a brief stint at Stark Enterprises, Rufino now shares his electrifying expertise with Peak Management.

Margo Mina - Office Assistant

Margo was the most in-demand female stuntwoman in 1980’s Hollywood and became the first Youtube sensation with her Don’t Try This At Home series. She holds the Guinness Book World Record for breaking 91% of the bones in her body. Fully recovered with the help of numerous titanium plates and screws, she is eternally grateful for her cushy desk job at Peak Management.

Jimmy Crandall - Media & Systems Developer

Jimmy crawled onto his first skateboard as a six-month-old. Six short years later, he became the youngest professional skateboarder in The United States. Bored with broken bones and skinned knees, he followed his doctors’ advice and directed his talents towards more nerdly pursuits. At sixteen, his solo mixed media art exhibition, Shattered Dreams, featuring cracked skateboards and computer-generated graffiti peaked our interest. In his spare time, he’s the cultural ambassador for the Tony Hawk Foundation, and we created a new position here at Peak to harness his many talents.